Cervical Lumbar Traction

Enjoy the pain-relieving benefits of cervical and lumbar traction in Escondido, CA, after reaching out to Dr. Jon Walwick of Walwick Chiropractic.

What Is Cervical Traction?

Stretching motions can be highly effective against different manifestations of chronic pain. They can be especially effective when they are used for targeted treatment. You would already be keenly aware of those facts if you have received treatment using cervical or lumbar traction before. If you’re still unfamiliar with cervical and lumbar traction, now is the time to change that.

Beginning with cervical traction, this form of treatment focuses on your neck and the upper portion of your spine. Cervical traction is often used for treatment because it provides immediate pain relief. Your chiropractor can use cervical traction to alleviate the discomfort affecting your neck and shoulders. The aforementioned treatment can also do something about the reduced range of motion you’ve been struggling with lately.

Chiropractors can use cervical traction to treat a variety of conditions affecting the neck and its surrounding areas. Those conditions include arthritis, whiplash, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and pinched nerves. It is also a common component of physical therapy regimens.

Because cervical traction involves manipulating a part of the body that can be sensitive to excessive force, chiropractors are always careful when administering treatment. You should also work only with expert chiropractors to ensure your cervical traction is correctly performed. Consult Dr. Walwick of Walwick Chiropractic and schedule your next cervical traction session in Escondido, CA.

What Is Lumbar Traction?

Whereas cervical traction focuses on the upper portion of the spine, lumbar traction is a form of treatment that seeks to offer relief for lower back issues. Whether you’re experiencing lingering pain or reduced flexibility, you can expect lumbar traction to address those symptoms.

Lumbar traction is highly effective against a wide variety of issues affecting the lower portion of the spine. If your current symptoms are consistent with a case of sciatica, lumbar traction can also help with that. The stretching motions involved in lumbar traction can remove the pressure on your sciatic nerve and also alleviate your symptoms in the process.

Similar to cervical traction, a chiropractor can also use lumbar traction to address a herniated disc in your back. Your chiropractor can create negative pressure along your spine and allow the disc to retract.

Note that lumbar traction can be administered in different ways. Speak to your chiropractor beforehand to learn more about the specific approach they intend to utilize.

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